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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a great Memorial Day!  As soon as we got to Gramma's house, Eleanor hung out beside the pool with Mommy, Gramma, and Aunt Missy.  Eleanor loved watching the boys as they jumped and splashed in the pool!
Leaning back cheesing

We had a delicious lunch.  Nothing beats good cook-out fare.  Clay's brother Rob and Eleanor's Poppy grilled steaks, and Gramma made homemade scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, and corn pudding.  Eleanor's favorite (surprise, surprise) was the steak.  She was eating it faster than I could tear into bites for her!  But we all know that steak is her favorite food. ;)
After we ate, Eleanor was SO ready to get in the kiddie pool!  Actually, when we first arrived, she crawled  lightning-speed at the kiddie pool and we had to restrain her from getting her clothes soaking wet (although that probably would have felt great).

"Hurry up, I'm going to the pool without you, Mama!"

She had a great time playing in the splash pool! 


Lately Eleanor has really been talking.  Not just duck or book, but a-duck!  and a-book!  I guess she got that from us saying, "This is a book!"

I leave you with this picture from the weekend.  Eleanor's Gramma and Poppy are fixing up Daddy's old club house into a little girl's playhouse!  Down with the Keep Out sign, up with the Welcome sign.  It's coming along beautifully, and Eleanor absolutely LOVES it.  She loves to play with her wooden playfood and walk around her house.  It's amazing watching her enjoy it so much.

Eleanor's Gramma said it would be okay if I painted the inside walls.  Any ideas for colors?  I want something fun, but not wild.