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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Newest Pics, July 21st


I finally got a pic of her pigtails!

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So I walked in the living room and she was sitting on this little table. Then I dashed to grab my camera and she stood up, so proud of herself! When I left the room for about 2 minutes, she was sitting on the couch watching tv. Our little daredevil makes us so proud! :)

Climbed into her toy box by herself, what fun! (Yes, that is a bulb syringe in her car, LOL!)

Eating blueberries

Eating black bean brownies, yum! (And, yes, they're actually made with black beans!)
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Playing at Grandma's

"Hullooo! Come in muh house!"

playing in her house with Poppy's shop in the background
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More pics from June

Our little climber!
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Catching Up

So it's been almost 6 weeks since we've updated. We've been quite busy! We went on vacation with Clay's parents to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which was lovely. Eleanor and Clay and I were all sick over the course of a 3-week period, which wasn't so lovely (We had Coxsackie, aka hand-foot-mouth disease). Our A/C went kaput (completely), and we were welcomed at Clay's parents' house for the week until it was replaced. How very fortunate we were that they let us squat, with temps around 105! The one night we did stay at home, the night it went out, it was 80 degrees inside and Eleanor and I slept with ice packs in bed with us and fans blowing on us! How miserable it would have been to stay the whole week. I checked on the cats throughout the week and came by to let them out for fresh air; at times the house was 93 degrees inside!
On to the pictures! I'll have them with the oldest pics at the bottom, and the newest pics toward the top, since I have the blog set like that anyway. :)

Eleanor while we were on vacation. This is in the hot tub that was on the back deck. She LOVES water!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

This Busy Week

This week seemed so long, since last week was only a 4-day workweek (for Clay).  On Tuesday, Eleanor and I went to Music in the Park in Fredericksburg.  A live band played and there were LOADS of mamas and kids.  I don't think I've ever seen so many strollers in my life!

On Tuesday, I noticed a little bit of a rash around Eleanor's forehead.  On Wednesday, it had spread behind her ears and neck.  Thursday morning, it had spread a little more, so I took her to the doctor.  Well, the doctor didn't know exactly what it was.  She generalized it as "one of those lovely summer viral rashes".  Okay.  Eleanor's strep test was negative, so the doctor said to just treat the symptoms.  Benedryl has really helped her rash clear up!

Wednesday, we went to playgroup, where we had dress-up day for the kids.  Eleanor was a bumblebee.  She fell trying to walk too fast to the other play room... making her a Stumblebee.  (And "umble" reminds me of Dumbledore from Harry Potter, so then I started calling her Stumble-Nor).

Eleanor and her friends.  It was hard for them to stay still for Kim to take a pic!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Montessori floor-bed

We are beginning a slow and gentle process of transitioning from a family bed to a separate "big girl" bed for Eleanor (starting with naptimes for a while).  This weekend I transformed her room into a big toddler room by moving out the never-used crib and moving the guest bed into her room sans the bed frame.